WG4 "Training, dissemination and outreach"

Leader: Dr. Małgorzata Śmiałek-Telega

Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Control and Power Engineering (Gdansk, Poland)
E-mail: smialek@pg.edu.pl


WG4 is focused on disseminating the results of MultIChem, training of the Action’s participants (with a particular focus on Early Career Investigators), and coordination of public relations activities.


  • Dissemination of the outcomes of MultIChem through the dedicated website as well as various kinds of printed (e.g. leaflets and biannual newsletters) and social media. Regular collection of news from WGs1-3 and their dissemination.
  • Communication of the results to perceived stakeholders and general public.
  • Organisation of MultIChem annual conferences, which should also be open to non-network members. One or several special issues in high profile journals summarising the Action’s research activities may be published.
  • Organisation of Training Schools (TS) for Early Career Investigators.