COST Action CA20129 "MultIChem"

The COST Action CA20129 "Multiscale Irradiation and Chemistry Driven Processes and Related Technologies" (MultIChem) aims to establish a broad international interdisciplinary, intersectoral cooperation to advance the fundamental understanding of the multiscale irradiation-driven processes and related technologies, paving the path towards major scientific and technological breakthroughs, and socio-economic impacts. By means of pioneering computational methods and modern experimental techniques, the Action will exploit irradiation-driven chemistry in selected applications and related technologies such as methods of controlled nanofabrication, nanocatalysis, development of novel types of radiosensitising nanoparticles, and radiotherapies.

    The main aim and objective of the Action is:
  • to radically advance, through state-of-the-art theoretical, multiscale computational modelling and experimental studies, the fundamental understanding of irradiation-driven chemistry processes involving complex molecular systems (biomolecular systems, deposited metal nanostructures, metal-based nanoparticles, and composite materials) exposed to radiation, and
  • to enable implementation of this knowledge in biomedicine, nanofabrication, and energy conversion technologies.


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