Conference-related materials

ISACC conference series (see also the ISACC web-portal)

Conference photos

ISACC 2003, St. Petersburg, Russia ISACC 2007, Darmstadt, Germany ISACC 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia

ISACC 2009, Ann Arbor, United States ISACC 2015, Madrid, Spain ISACC 2017, Varadero, Cuba

ISACC 2019, Canterbury, United Kingdom


ISACC 2003 poster ISACC 2007 poster ISACC 2008 poster ISACC 2009 poster ISACC 2011 poster ISACC 2013 poster

DySoN conference series (see also the DySoN web-portal)

Conference photos

DySoN 2010, Rome, Italy DySoN 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia DySoN 2014, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

DySoN 2016, Bad Ems, Germany DySoN 2018, Potsdam, Germany DySoN-ISACC 2021, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

DySoN 2023, Prague, Czechia


DySoN 2010 poster DySoN 2012 poster

Channeling related meetings (see also CUTE, PEARL and N-LIGHT projects)

Conference photos

FP7-PIRSES-CUTE Workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012 FP7-PIRSES-CUTE Workshop, Beijing, China, 2014

H2020-RISE-PEARL Kick-Off, Frankfurt, Germany, 2016 H2020-RISE-PEARL Workshop, Ferrara, Italy, 2017 H2020-RISE-PEARL Workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019

Radiation damage related meetings (see also COST Action MultIChem, COST Action Nano-IBCT and ARGENT project)

Conference photos

RADAM 2009, Frankfurt, Germany Nano-IBCT 2011, Caen, France

Nano-IBCT 2013, Sopot, Poland Nano-IBCT 2014, Boppard, Germany ARGENT Workshop, Obergurgl, Austria

CECAM Workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland MultIChem 2022, Boppard, Germany MultIChem 2023, Prague, Czechia


RADAM 2009 poster Nano-IBCT 2011 poster Nano-IBCT 2013 poster Nano-IBCT 2014 poster

Materials science related meetings (see also VINAT project)

ICCMNM 2013, Frankfurt, Germany ICCMNM 2013 flyer

ECNF 2010 flyer ECNF 2012 flyer ECNF 2014 poster ECNF 2016 flyer ECNF 2018 flyer