MBN Research Center develops and maintains databases for data generated by the research communities in the areas of MBN Research aiming at the data widespread dissemination and thus enabling them for the further use, analysis and exploitation.

  • RADAM Database 

    RADAM portal is the interface for a network of RADAM (RADiation DAMage) Databases collecting data on interactions of ions, electrons, positrons and photons with biomolecular systems, on radiobiological effects and related phenomena occurring at different time, spatial and energy scales in irradiated targets during and after the irradiation. Read more.
  • Channeling Database

    ChannelingDB portal is an interface to a database for collecting data on channeling and related phenomena. It provides data on beam deflection angles, channeling radiation and characteristic channeling length of different projectiles in various crystalline media. The database is based on software developed by Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC) and extends its standard in the field of channeling. Read more.