HORIZON 2020 RISE-RADON Project "Irradiation driven nanofabrication: computational modelling versus experiment "

RADON delivers a state of the art programme which addresses the needs of both research and industry communities working on the advancement of the methods for controlling irradiation-driven nanofabrication, whilst simultaneously training research and innovation staff capable of exploiting modern computational and experimental tools in this area of research and technology. Exposure of a system to radiation results in changes in the system's morphology, electronic, mechanical and catalytic properties. Irradiation of nanosystems especially during their growing or fabrication phase and con-trolling them with the nanoscale resolution is a considerable challenge but if achieved opens enormous opportunities and will lead to creation of novel and efficient technologies. Currently such technologies provide controlled fabrication of nanostructures with nanometer resolution, although the control of various properties of such structures remains rudimentary. RADON aims at deeper understanding of the underlying molecular interactions and the key dynamical phenomena in irradiated nanosystems that will help to improve these nanofabrication technologies. RADON brings together well-established academic and enterprise partners employing both experienced and early career research and innovation staff and provides them with a unique opportunity to gain new research and technical knowledge on atomistic level insights into the key physico-chemical processes behind the irradiation driven nanofabrication. Assembling and exploiting such knowledge is crucial for the required technological breakthrough necessary for developing controlled nanofabriacation and bringing it to the market place. Progress in this critical field of research will be achieved by utilization of modern computational and modelling tools combined with the experimental studies to validate such simulations.