About us

MBN Research Center develops the state-of-the-art scientific software for advanced research investigations and computational modelling of molecular structure and dynamics of Meso-Bio-Nano (MBN) systems and taks efforts towards its wide distribution and utilization in research and technology. Our main office is located at the Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie (FiZ).

The universal and powerful software packages, MBN Explorer and MBN Studio, developed by the MBN Research Center have many unique features and a wide range of applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science and Technology. MBN Explorer and MBN Studio are suitable for design and multiscale simulations of numerous molecular systems of different kind, such as nano- and biological systems, nanostructured materials, composite/hybrid materials, gases, plasmas, liquids, solids and various interfaces, with the sizes ranging from atomic to mesoscopic.

MBN Research Center carries out a broad programme of frontier research based on the utilisation of its universal and powerful software. It maintains cooperation with a large number of partners worldwide, hosts their visits, participates in collaborative research projects, organises thematic conferences.

MBN Research Center offers hands-on tutorials for the software users, training courses on application of computational methods in different areas of academic and industrial research, advanced interdisciplinary courses on MBN Science and related areas of theoretical and computational physics.

Since its foundation in 2014, the scientific work of the MBN Research Centre gGmbH has been based on fundamental principles of Good Scientific Practice that apply equally to all scientific disciplines. The honesty of scientists towards themselves and others, scientific professionalism and conscientiousness as well as scientific integrity are of central importance.

You are welcome to get in contact with the MBN Research Center team and to take advantage of our research, technological developments and networking infrastructure!

• MBN Research Center Photo Gallery
DySoN Conference, Edinburgh, May 2014
Tutorials, Edinburgh, May 2014
Tutorials, Edinburgh, May 2014
Tutorials, Boppard, October 2014
Tutorials, Boppard, October 2014
Nano-IBCT Conference, Boppard, October 2014
PIRSES-CUTE Meeting, Beijing, November 2014
ISACC Conference, Madrid, July 2015
ITN-ARGENT Workshop, Obergurgl, December 2015
RISE-PEARL Meeting, Frankfurt, January 2016
ITN-ARGENT Workshop, Frankfurt, May 2016
DySoN Conference, Bad Ems, October 2016
Tutorials, Milton Keynes, May 2017
ISACC Conference, Varadero, October 2017
RISE-PEARL Workshop, Ferrara, October 2017
MBN Tutorial, Odense, October 2018
DySoN Conference, Potsdam, October 2018
RISE-PEARL Workshop, St. Petersburg, April 2019
ISACC Conference, Canterbury, August 2019
MBN Tutorials, Rethymno, Crete, October 2019
DySoN-ISACC Conference,
Santa Margherita Ligure, October 2021
MultIChem Workshop, Lausanne, March 2022
CECAM Workshop, Lausanne, March 2022
1st MultIChem Conference, Boppard, May 2022
TECHNO-CLS Kick-off meeting, Frankfurt, July 2022
MultIChem Training School, Lisbon, October 2022
DySoN Conference, Prague, April 2023
2nd MultIChem Conference, Prague, April 2023
ISACC 2023 Conference, Hveragerði, July 2023
MultIChem Summer School, Bad Bertrich,
August 2023
MultIChem Workshop, Groningen, September 2023
TECHNO-CLS Workshop, Ferrara, October 2023
DySoN-MultIChem 2024 Conference
Tbilisi, April 2024
• MBN Research Center Partners

MBN Research Center maintains collaborative links with many partners from Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, China and Russia whose location is indicated on the world map below. The partners participate in the approbation of the new software products developed by the MBN Research Center, conduct joint research investigations, training activities and conferences organization.