Publications from the MultIChem Action

The following publications have been produced by the MultIChem members related to the topic of the Action:

  1. A.V. Solov'yov, A.V. Verkhovtsev, N.J. Mason, R.A. Amos, I. Bald, G. Baldacchino, B. Dromey, M. Falk, J. Fedor, L. Gerhards, M. Hausmann, G. Hildenbrand, M. Hrabovský, S. Kadlec, J. Kocišek, F. Lépine, S. Ming, A. Nisbet, K. Ricketts, L. Sala, T. Schlathölter, A. Wheatley, and I.A. Solov'yov, Condensed matter systems exposed to radiation: Multiscale theory, simulations, and experiment (Roadmap paper), arXiv:2311.13402 [physics.chem-ph]
  2. K. Li, J. Ďurana, B. Kocábková, A. Pysanenko, Y. Yan, M. Ončák, M. Fárník, and J. Lengyel, Hydrated formic acid clusters and their interaction with electrons, ChemPhysChem (2024) e202400071 (in print)
  3. L. Sala, A. Zerolová, V. Vizcaino, A. Mery, A. Domaracka, H. Rothard, Ph. Boduch, D. Pinkas, and J. Kocišek, Ion beam processing of DNA origami nanostructures, Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 15 (2024) 207-214
  4. B. Gaković, M. Zamfirescu, P. Panjan, C. Luculescu, C. Albu, and S. Petrović, Laser ablation and LIPSS formation at static and dynamic multi-pulse regime on protective Al2O3/TiAlN coating, Opt. Quant. Electron. 56 (2024) 555
  5. C.A. Rosa, A. Bergatini, P. Herczku, D.V. Mifsud, G. Lakatos, S.T.S. Kovács, B. Sulik, Z. Juhász, S. Ioppolo, H.M. Quitián-Lara, N.J. Mason, and C. Lage, Infrared spectral signatures of nucleobases in interstellar ices I: Purines, Life 13 (2023) 2208
  6. D.V. Mifsud, Z. Kanuchová, P. Herczku, Z. Juhász, S.T.S. Kovács, G. Lakatos, K.K. Rahul, R. Rácz, B. Sulik, S. Biri, I. Rajta, I. Vajda, S. Ioppolo, R.W. McCullough, and N.J. Mason, Sulphur ion implantation into O2, CO, and CO2 ices: Implications for the formation of sulphur-bearing molecules in the Kuiper Belt, Icarus 411 (2024) 115926
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  9. F. Jungwirth, F. Porrati, D. Knez, M. Sistani, H. Plank, M. Huth, and S. Barth, Focused ion beam vs focused electron beam deposition of cobalt silicide nanostructures using single-source precursors: Implications for nanoelectronic gates, interconnects, and spintronics, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 5 (2022) 14759-14770
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  12. Y. Suchikova, S. Kovachov, I. Bohdanov, A.A. Abdikadirova, I. Kenzhina, and A.I. Popov, Electrochemical growth and structural study of the AlxGa1−xAs nanowhisker layer on the GaAs surface, J. Manuf. Mater. Process. 7 (2023) 153
  13. Y. Suchikova, S. Kovachov, I. Bohdanov, Z.T. Karipbaev, V. Pankratov, and A.I. Popov, Study of the structural and morphological characteristics of the CdxTeyOz nanocomposite obtained on the surface of the CdS/ZnO heterostructure by the SILAR method, Appl. Phys. A 129 (2023) 499
  14. W. Wu, A.V. Verkhovtsev, T. Pavloudis, A.V. Solov'yov, and R.E. Palmer, Neuromorphic nanocluster networks: Critical role of the substrate in nano-link formation, Nano Research 16 (2023) 10500-10506
  15. B. Andreides, A.V. Verkhovtsev, J. Fedor, and A.V. Solov’yov, Role of the molecular environment in quenching the irradiation-driven fragmentation of Fe(CO)5: A reactive molecular dynamics study, J. Phys. Chem. A 127 (2023) 3757-3767
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