WG3 "Multiscale approach based technological advances"

Leader: Prof. Kate Ricketts

University College London, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science (London, United Kingdom)
E-mail: k.ricketts@ucl.ac.uk


WG3 will complement the objectives of WG1 and WG2 through inter-technology cooperation. The main goal of WG3 is to advance the existing technological solutions through the multiscale understanding of irradiation-driven chemical transformations in different molecular systems.


  • Inclusion of the Irradiation-Driven Chemistry (IDC) and radiation-driven nanoscale effects into the existing radiotherapy treatment plans based on macroscale dose delivery in order to facilitate technological advances in IBCT.
  • Inter-technology exchange involving nanofabrication companies aiming towards advances in the electron induced nanofabrication techniques with FEBID.
  • Inter-technology exchange aiming towards advances in the production of NPs with enhanced radiosensitising and catalytic properties.
  • Advances in the development of novel computational tools for multiscale modelling of IDC phenomena according to the needs of industrial community in the field of nanofabrication, characterisation of NPs, nanostructures and porous supports in NP-MOF composites.