H2020-MSCA-RISE-PEARL workshop and the mid-term review meeting

July 07, 2017
The HORIZON2020-MSCA-RISE-PEARL Project Workshop and the Mid-Term Review Meeting will be held at the Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Ferrara, Italy) during October 23-25, 2017. These events will be followed on October 26-27 with the project-related training course on Multiscale Computational Methods for Complex Molecular Systems.

The PEARL project aims at advancing the technologies for manufacturing of high quality Periodically Bent Crystals (PBCr). The PBCr developed in the course of this project will be utilised for the construction of the so-called crystalline undulators - novel light sources of high-energy monochromatic electromagnetic radiation. The talks to be delivered at the Workshop will concern the progress achieved towards experimental, theoretical and applied aspects of these problems.

The mid-term review meeting of the PEARL project will focus on the evaluation of the overall progress of the project (the work carried out within the work packages, the milestones and deliverables, the secondments executed), on the project management, dissemination/outreach activities, impact (scientific, technical, social, commercial, environmental) as well as on the discussion of the questions concerning the project.

The meeting follow-up two days hands-on tutorial on Multiscale Computational Methods for Complex Molecular Systems aims at exploring physical models and computational approaches used for the simulations of Meso-Bio-Nano (MBN) systems and the investigation of their structure and dynamics at the atomic level of detail. The course is based on practical exercises with the latest release of the universal computational package MBN Explorer and MBN Studio - a special graphical user interface and multitask toolkit for MBN Explorer.

A tentative program and detailed information on the workshop and the mid-term review meeting can be found here.