Venue and Travel Information

The Training School will take place in the Council Room of Atomki, the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The address of the venue is: Bem square 18/c, 4026 Debrecen, Hungary

Basic information about Atomki (including a brief description about how to get there) can be found on the following webpage:

Travel Information
Training School attendees are encouraged to explore a useful webpage about Debrecen (and how to get there) prepared for helping newcomer foreign students of the University:

Google map of Debrecen is available here.

If you arrive directly to Debrecen airport (, the best way is to take a taxi to a hotel or Atomki. Typical current costs are between 10-15 EUR.

Reimbursement of expenses
The MultIChem COST Action provides financial support to reimburse Training School participants (both trainees and trainers) for their travel expenses. Detailed information about the COST reimbursement rules can be found in the Annotated Rules for COST Actions (see Section A1-3.1 “Travel reimbursement rules”, pp. 84-90).

In order to be reimbursed, each Training School participant must receive an official invitation through e-COST indicating that you are eligible for the reimbursement. After the event, you will be required to fill in your online travel reimbursement request (OTRR) through the link you will find in the invitation email.