Working Groups

The MultIChem research network is organized in four Working Groups (WGs):

WG1 "Irradiation- and chemistry-driven multiscale phenomena"

Leader: Prof. Ilia Solov'yov
Description: Acquiring a fundamental-level understanding of irradiation-driven chemistry transformations of complex molecular systems exposed to different types of radiation.

WG2 "Intersectoral cooperation on research and innovation"

Leader: Dr. Harald Plank
Description: Validation of the scientific outcomes produced by WG1 at the more complex, technology-relevant level.

WG3 "Multiscale approach based technological advances"

Leader: Dr. Kate Ricketts
Description: Advancing the existing technological solutions through the multiscale understanding of irradiation-driven chemical transformations in different molecular systems.

WG4 "Training, dissemination and outreach"

Leader: Dr. Małgorzata Śmiałek-Telega
Description: Dissemination of the Action results, training of the Action's participants, and coordination of public relations activities.