Research visits of young scientists to the Center

December 02, 2019
MBN Research Center maintains cooperation with a large number of partners worldwide hosting research visits from the partner organizations.

During the year 2019 MBN Research Center hosted several research visits of young scientists within the framework of the collaborative research project H2020-MSCA-RISE "Periodically Bent Crystals for Crystalline Undulators" (PEARL), supported by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Framework programme.

Mr. Yannick Fortouna (left), Mr. Konstantin Filipovich (center) and Dr. Viktar Haurylavets (right) during their visits to the MBN Research Center, 2019

Mr. Yannick Fortouna (University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France) joined the Center for six months from April to September 2019. During his stay has performed investigation of deposition of sodium atoms, small clusters and large nanoparticles on the MgO surface by means of molecular dynamics simulations.
Mr. Konstantin Filipovich and Dr. Viktar Haurylavets (Research Institute for Nuclear Problems, Minsk, Belarus) visited the Center in October-November 2019 within the framework of the H2020-RISE-PEARL project. Konstantin has explored the propagation of heavy charged particles in molecular media by means of Monte Carlo simulations. Viktar was involved in computational modelling and numerical analysis of the channeling and radiation phenomena for 855 MeV electrons in bent oriented silicon (111) crystals. Results of this work have been summarized in a manuscript available on the arXiv preprint server [1].

[1] V. V. Haurylavets, A. Leukovich, A. Sytov, L. Bandiera, A. Mazzolari, M. Romagnoni, V. Guidi, G. B. Sushko, A. V. Korol, A. V. Solov'yov, MBN Explorer atomistic simulations of 855 MeV electron propagation and radiation emission in oriented silicon bent crystal: theory versus experiment, arXiv:2005.04138 [physics.acc-ph]