MBN RC participates in the new COST Action

May 29, 2018
MBN Research Center will participate in the recently supported COST Action CA17126 "Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitation" (TUMIEE). Professor Andrey Solov'yov has been appointed as a member of the TUMIEE Management Committee.

The TUMIEE Action aims at the development of a novel multiscale methodology for modeling electronic excitations in intense external fields. Electronic excitation reaching high energy density is central in many different applications from materials processing to medical treatments. It emerges when intense radiation arising from sources such as lasers, swift ions, or high-flux X-ray or electron pulses interacting with matter.

In this COST Action different experimental and theoretical groups from the condensed matter, materials and plasma communities will work jointly on a better understanding of the propagation of intense electronic excitation through the scales, using multi-scale modeling.