The kick-off meeting of the PEARL project

February 01, 2016
A kick-off meeting of the international collaborative project "Periodically Bent Crystals for Crystalline Undulators" (H2020 RISE-PEARL), coordinated by the MBN Research Center within the frame of the Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) funding scheme under Horizon 2020, was held in Frankfurt am Main on January 28-29, 2016. The meeting was organized by MBN Research Center. The kick-off meeting comprised scientific presentations of the research groups involved in the project as well as a presentation on the project management and coordination issues, followed by a round table discussion. A program of the PEARL kick-off meeting can be found here.

The PEARL project aims at advancing the technologies for manufacturing of high quality periodically bent crystals. Such crystals developed in the course of this project will be utilized for the construction of novel light sources of high-energy (from 100 keV up to GeV range) monochromatic electromagnetic radiation by means of a crystalline undulator. More information regarding the PEARL project can be found here.