COST Action "MultIChem" has been supported

June 01, 2021

The COST Action proposal "Multiscale Irradiation and Chemistry Driven Processes and Related Technologies" (MultIChem) led by the team of MBN Research Center has been approved as COST Action CA20129.

The COST Action MultIChem aims to establish a broad international interdisciplinary, intersectoral cooperation to advance the fundamental understanding of the multiscale irradiation-driven processes and related technologies, paving the path towards major scientific and technological breakthroughs and socio-economic impacts. These goals will be fulfilled by means of modern experimental techniques and pioneering computational methods, with the aim of exploiting irradiation-driven chemistry in next-generation technologies that represent three important technological sectors with high socioeconomic impact, namely biomedicine, nanofabrication, and energy conversion.

Further information on the MultIChem Action can be found on the dedicated webpage of the COST portal.