The 1st MultIChem conference took place in Boppard

May 25, 2022
The 1st MultIChem Conference organized within the framework of the COST Action CA20129 "Multiscale Irradiation and Chemistry Driven Processes and Related Technologies" (MultIChem). The conference took place in Boppard am Rhein, Germany during May 16-18, 2022.

The MultIChem 2022 conference brought together experts from different disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology and materials science, specialized in the theoretical, multiscale computational modelling and experimental studies of irradiation-driven chemistry processes involving complex molecular systems exposed to radiation.

    The following topics were addressed at the MultIChem 2022 Conference:
  • Collision and radiation processes involving nano- and biomolecular systems
  • Radiation-induced chemistry
  • Irradiation-driven transformations of molecular systems
  • Biomedical and technological applications of radiation
  • Related technologies: controlled nanofabrication, functionalized materials, nanocatalysis, etc.

Further information about the MultIChem 2022 conference can be found here.