PEARL Kick-off meeting

  • Andrey V. Solov’yov (MBN-RC): ”Opening address. Main ideas behind the RISE-PEARL project”
  • Vincenzo Guidi (UNIFE): ”Recent results about crystal channeling”
  • Werner Lauth (Uni Mainz): ”Characterization of Crystalline Undulators at the Mainz Microtron MAMI”
  • Hartmut Backe (Uni Mainz): ”On the design of diamond undulators for experiments at MAMI”
  • Andrei Korol (MBN-RC): ”Investigating channeling and crystalline undulator with MBN Explorer”
  • Thu Nhi Tran Caliste (ESRF): ”ESRF: synchrotron technique for the characterization of crystalline quality”
  • Nigel Mason (OU): ”New opportunities in next generation synchrotron radiation. The challenge and opportunities for PEARL”
  • Eric Suraud (UPS): ”On irradiation dynamics with TDDFT”
  • Irina Solovyeva (MBN-RC): ”EU guidelines for RISE projects. Management within the PEARL project”
  • Simon Connell (UJ): ”The Accelerating Africa Experiment at the T9 Beamline of CERN”
  • Andrea Mazzolari (UNIFE): ”Fabrication of samples for channeling experiments”