Workshop "Multiscale modeling of radiation-induced biodamage for radiotherapy applications"

September 25, 2023 
The Workshop "Multiscale modeling of radiation-induced biodamage for radiotherapy applications", organized within the COST Action CA20129 MultIChem, took place at the Particle Therapy Research Center (PARTREC), Groningen, the Netherlands, during September 21-22, 2023.

The Workshop aimed to discuss the recent achievements, current challenges and future developments in multiscale modeling of biodamage phenomena and corresponding new radiobiological experiments and how they can be translated into clinical settings.

The workshop brought together expert theoreticians and leaders in computational multiscale modeling, experimentalists and radiotherapy practitioners studying irradiation-driven damage of biomolecular systems and exploiting this knowledge to develop novel radiotherapy techniques. The presentations covered experiments with biomolecular targets, radiobiological experiments on healthy and tumor tissues, various multiscale modeling tools for calculating the impact of cell irradiation, as well as tools for treatment planning and clinical dosimetry. The workshop finished with a guided tour across the PARTREC facility.

The scientific program of the Workshop can be found here.