Collaboration with the University of Groningen

June 30, 2019
Professor Thomas Schlathölter and PhD student Wen Li from the "Gas-Phase Biomolecules and Energetic Interactions" group, University of Groningen (Groningen, the Netherlands) visited MBN Research Center in June 2019.

During two days, June 18-19, the two groups shared their experimental and computational expertise in studying collision-induced processes with complex biomolecular systems such as DNA nucleobases, oligonucleotides and G-quadruplexes. Particular focus in this discussion was made on utilization of the novel computational methodologies, such as Irradiation Driven Molecular Dynamics and the reactive CHARMM force fields, for the multiscale modeling of collision-induced processes and radiation chemistry with complex biomolecular systems by means of MBN Explorer.

Wen Li stayed at the MBN Research Center for two weeks, during which she was trained in using MBN Explorer and MBN Studio software and explored its capabilities. The visit of Wen Li to the Center was supported by the COST Action CA17126 TUMIEE.