Visits of the Chinese partners within the CUTE project

Members of the research team of Prof. Feng-Shou Zhang from the College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China) Dr. Wei Cheng, Dr. Fei Mao, Dr. Haibo Sang, Mr. Hao Shen, Dr. Qiang Zhao, and researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (Wuhan, China) Prof. Dr. Bing Zhang and Dr. Yanqi Xu completed a series of short-term visits to MBN Research Center during October 2014 – March 2015. This collaboration took place within the FP7 PIRSES Project “Crystalline Undulator: Theory and Experiment (CUTE)”, supported by the European Commission. The main goal of the CUTE project was to facilitate the collaborative research towards theory, design, manufacture and experimental tests of high-quality periodically bent crystalline structures as well as theoretical and experimental studies of the radiation formed in crystalline undulators.

During the research visits of the Chinese partners, joint numerical simulations of the channeling and the radiative processes have been carried out by means of the MBN Explorer software. The simulations have been performed for 855 MeV electrons and positrons, channeling in straight and uniformly bent germanium (for (100), (110) and (111) planes) and tungsten (for (100) and (110) planes) monocrystals. The results of these collaborative studies are currently being submitted for publication.