MBN Explorer Users’ guide and the book of tutorials are available on Amazon

November 01, 2017
The latest editions of the MBN Explorer Users’ Guide as well as the MBN Explorer and MBN Studio Tutorials are available in the paperback format. The books are published by MesoBioNano Science Publishing and distributed via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The books can be purchased through Amazon.

The Users’ Guide describes how to install and to run MBN Explorer. The book includes the description of the main features and the algorithms of the program, the manual how to use the program for specific tasks, the description of all the program commands and keywords, the specification of input information, parameters, files and formats, and instructions on how to handle the program on Windows, Linux/Unix and macOS platforms.

The book of tutorials represents a practical hands-on guide on how to use MBN Explorer and MBN Studio for multiscale simulations of complex molecular structure and dynamics. The book contains a number of illustrative case studies covering atomic clusters and nanoparticles, biomolecular systems, nanomaterials, composite materials and material interfaces, crystalline, liquid and gaseous systems, thermo-mechanical properties of materials, as well as dynamical, collision, chemical and irradiation driven multiscale phenomena. Relevant physical concepts, mathematical techniques and computational methods are introduced, including force fields and algorithms used in molecular modeling, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations.

The books can be purchased here and here.