Application for tutorial

The MBN Explorer tutorial hands-on course comprises 12 hours of lectures and practical exercises scheduled for two days. The venue of the tutorial is optional: it can be held either in Frankfurt am Main or at another venue upon the request.

All the attendees will receive the e-book of MBN Explorer and MBN Studio Tutorials, a library of Tutorial examples, one-month trial license for running MBN Explorer and MBN Studio.

The cost of the tutorial may depend on the number of participants, travel and accommodation expenses of tutor(s) if the venue is away of Frankfurt.

The number of tutors involved in the tutorial depends on the number of participants (typically up to 10 participants per one tutor).

If the tutorial is organized outside Frankfurt, the host should provide the tutor(s) with the facilities to host the event (an auditorium, a multimedia projector, electrical appliance and Internet connection).

To order the tutorial you are welcome to get in contact with us.