ISACC 2019 conference is announced

March 15, 2019

The ninth International Symposium "Atomic Cluster Collisions" (ISACC 2019) will take place during July 31 - August 03, 2019 at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge and the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom. The ISACC 2019 is co-organized by the University of Kent and MBN Research Center.

The ISACC 2019 will promote the growth and exchange of scientific information on the structure, properties and dynamics of complex atomic, molecular, cluster, nanoscopic and biological systems studied primarily by means of photonic, electronic and atomic collisions. Particular attention will be devoted to dynamical phenomena, many-body effects taking place in clusters, nanostructures, molecular and biological systems, which include problems of fusion and fission, fragmentation, collective electron excitations, phase transitions, radiation damage, and many more.

Both experimental and theoretical aspects of cluster physics uniquely placed between nuclear physics on one hand and atomic, molecular and solid state physics on the other will be subject of the symposium. Particular attention will be devoted to the utilization of advanced computational techniques and high performance computing in studies of collisions involving complex molecular systems. Links of the ISACC topics to novel and emerging technologies will be an important focus of ISACC 2019.

The conference announcements can be found here.

The detailed information about ISACC 2019 can be found on a special web-portal of the ISACC conference series.